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Super John and Supertramp

For most professional saxophonists, joining a band as iconic as Supertramp would be a career-defining moment. But for John Helliwell, it was merely another chapter in a rich musical tapestry. Helliwell’s journey began far from… Read More »Super John and Supertramp

Funkmaster Maceo Parker

Maceo Parker is a name synonymous with funk. His searing saxophone lines and infectious grooves have been captivating audiences for decades. Parker’s musical journey began in his hometown of Kinston, North Carolina, where he was… Read More »Funkmaster Maceo Parker

R&B Pioneer Paul Bascomb

Paul Bascomb, a prominent figure in the transition from big band swing to rhythm and blues on the tenor saxophone, made significant contributions to jazz. His career, marked by a distinct sound and style, showcases… Read More »R&B Pioneer Paul Bascomb