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One Cool Cat

Gato Barbieri Sax

Today we remember the life and music of Gato Barbieri, an innovative and influential saxophonist who passed away on April 2, 2016. Born in Argentina, Barbieri was deeply influenced by the rhythms and melodies of his native South America, which he incorporated into his unique style of jazz.

Affectionately known as “El Gato” (The Cat), Barbieri’s early musical training in Argentina gave him a strong foundation in the Latin rhythms that would become a hallmark of his playing. His work with composer Lalo Schifrin in the 1960s brought him to the attention of jazz audiences around the world and helped to establish him as a major force in the world of jazz saxophone.

Throughout his career, El Gato continued to draw on his South American roots, incorporating elements of tango, bossa nova, and other Latin styles into his music. He was a master of improvisation and was known for his soulful, passionate playing style.

El Gato’s impact on the world of saxophone and jazz can still be felt today, and his influence can be heard in the playing of many contemporary saxophonists.

So, on this day, we celebrate the life and music of El Gato Barbieri, and we honor his incredible contributions to the world of saxophone and jazz. His legacy lives on through his recordings, and his passion for music continues to inspire saxophonists around the world.

Gato Barbieri and Carlos Santana.

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