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Candy Dulfer (born September 19, 1969) is a renowned Dutch saxophonist, known for her exceptional talent on the alto saxophone and her ability to seamlessly blend jazz, pop, and funk genres. Born in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Dulfer was introduced to music at a young age, thanks to her father, Hans Dulfer, who was also a well-known saxophonist. Under her father’s guidance, she began playing the saxophone at the age of six and quickly developed her own unique style.

Dulfer’s career took off in the late 1980s when she formed her own band, Funky Stuff. The band gained a strong following in the Netherlands and caught the attention of the legendary musician Prince. This led to Dulfer’s collaboration with Prince on his 1990 album, “Graffiti Bridge,” and the subsequent single, “Partyman.” This exposure helped propel her into the international music scene, and she soon found herself working with other notable artists, such as Dave Stewart, Van Morrison, and Maceo Parker.

Candy Dulfer’s solo career began in earnest with the release of her debut album, “Saxuality,” in 1990. The album was a commercial and critical success, earning her a Grammy Award nomination for Best Contemporary Jazz Album. Since then, she has released numerous albums, including “Sax-a-Go-Go,” “For the Love of You,” and “Crazy,” showcasing her incredible versatility as a musician and her ability to effortlessly mix jazz, pop, and funk elements in her music.

Throughout her career, Dulfer has continued to perform and collaborate with various artists, establishing herself as a sought-after session musician and live performer. In addition to her work as a solo artist, she has also hosted her own Dutch television series, “Candy Meets…,” where she interviews and performs with other musicians.

In summary, Candy Dulfer is a gifted Dutch saxophonist known for her innovative blending of jazz, pop, and funk genres. With a successful solo career, numerous collaborations with legendary artists, and a unique style that sets her apart, Dulfer has solidified her status as a prominent figure in the world of music.

Lasted updated 3/18/2023.