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Cherokee on Tenor Sax?

Eddie Lockjaw Davis Tenor Sax

Happy birthday to the legendary saxophonist, Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis! Born on March 2nd, 1922, Davis was a true master of the saxophone and one of the most influential jazz musicians of his time.

Davis’ playing was characterized by his powerful tone and bluesy phrasing, and he was known for his ability to swing hard and captivate audiences with his virtuosic solos. He played with some of the biggest names in jazz, including Count Basie, Dizzy Gillespie, and Sonny Stitt, and his contributions to the music world have left an indelible mark on jazz history.

In addition to his exceptional playing, Davis was also a talented composer and bandleader. He formed his own group, the Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis Quartet, in the 1950s, and went on to record a number of acclaimed albums, including “Very Saxy” and “The Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis Cookbook.”

Davis’ impact on the saxophone and jazz music as a whole cannot be overstated. He inspired countless musicians with his passion, talent, and dedication to his craft.

On this special day, we celebrate the life and legacy of Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis. Here he is ripping Cherokee . Happy birthday, Lockjaw!

Eddie Lockjaw Davis playing Cherokee with the Count Basie Orchestra.

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