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Dave Camwell

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Dave Camwell stands as a paragon of versatility and dynamism in the world of saxophone. His mastery over both classical and jazz genres has positioned him as a beacon for aspiring and professional saxophonists alike. As a full Professor of Music and the Director of Jazz Studies at Troy University, Alabama, Camwell’s influence extends beyond performance into the realms of education and mentorship.

His career is marked by a profound commitment to musical excellence, evidenced by his extensive collaborations, including notable work with Czech saxophonist Kateřina Pavlíková and the Covert Ensemble. This partnership has birthed a series of virtuosic compositions that have expanded the repertoire for saxophone duets, showcasing the instrument’s potential for both complexity and beauty.

Camwell’s discography is a testament to his artistic breadth, covering a spectrum from Baroque to contemporary works. His recordings are not just auditory experiences but explorations into the saxophone’s expressive capabilities. In his latest album, “Aquarius,” with Kateřina Pavlíková, the duo led a consortium of over 30 saxophonists from all over the world. The album was recorded with the Pensacola Symphony.

As an educator, Camwell has illuminated the path for countless students through his instructional videos, masterclasses, and guest appearances at over forty universities across North America. His dedication to the saxophone community is further exemplified by his leadership in commissioning new works, thereby enriching the instrument’s modern literature.

In performance, Camwell’s prowess has graced stages worldwide, from jazz festivals in Switzerland to tours in Taiwan with the Xplorium! Ensemble. His accolades include the only saxophonist in the nightly North American Saxophone Alliance Biennial Jazz competition in both the classical and jazz genres.

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