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Derek “Beatbox Sax” Brown, born on July 18, 1983 in Lansing, MI, is an American saxophonist and innovative musician known for his unique and groundbreaking style, which incorporates beatboxing and extended saxophone techniques. Dubbed the “Beatbox Sax,” Brown has captivated audiences worldwide with his extraordinary skills, pushing the boundaries of the saxophone’s capabilities and redefining the way the instrument is played.

Brown began his musical journey at the age of 10 when he started learning the saxophone. He later attended Hope College in Holland, Michigan, earning a Bachelor of Music degree in Saxophone Performance, and Northern Illinois University, where he received his Master of Music degree. Brown honed his skills under the guidance of accomplished saxophonists like Arno Bornkamp, Claude Delangle, and Otis Murphy, developing a strong foundation in classical and jazz saxophone.

After completing his education, Brown pursued a career as a professional musician, performing with various jazz ensembles and orchestras. However, it was during his time as the Director of Jazz Studies at Abilene Christian University in Texas that Brown began to experiment with new and unconventional saxophone techniques, incorporating beatboxing and other percussive sounds into his playing.

In 2014, Brown left his position at Abilene Christian University and embarked on a solo career as a performer and educator, dedicating himself to his innovative “Beatbox Sax” project. Brown’s exceptional skills have garnered him a strong following on social media, with his YouTube channel amassing millions of views and his Instagram and Facebook pages attracting thousands of fans.

Brown’s innovative approach to the saxophone has earned him widespread acclaim and recognition within the music community. In 2016, he was awarded the prestigious “Honorary Membership” by the North American Saxophone Alliance for his contributions to the world of saxophone performance.

In addition to his solo career, Brown is also a dedicated educator, offering masterclasses, workshops, and private lessons to aspiring saxophonists. He frequently shares his experiences and insights, inspiring other musicians to explore new possibilities and push the limits of their instruments.

Derek “Beatbox Sax” Brown’s extraordinary talent and innovative approach to the saxophone have earned him a unique place in the world of music. His dedication to exploring new techniques and sounds continues to redefine the boundaries of the saxophone, captivating and inspiring audiences worldwide.

Last updated 3/18/2023.