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Getz Arrested

“I’m sorry for the crazy things I did”

In 1954, Stan Getz was arrested for possession of heroin. Getz had struggled with addiction throughout his career, and the arrest was a major setback for the saxophonist. After being released on bail, Getz entered a rehabilitation program and was able to overcome his addiction. However, the arrest and the subsequent legal proceedings took a toll on Getz’s career, and he was forced to take a break from performing and recording.

Despite the challenges he faced, Getz was able to bounce back from the arrest and continue his successful career. He released several successful albums in the years following the arrest, and he continued to tour and perform with some of the biggest names in jazz. Getz’s smooth, lyrical playing style remained popular with fans, and he continued to be a major force in the world of jazz until his death in 1991.

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