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Hank Cosby

Hank Cosby Discography

Hank Cosby Obituary

Henry “Hank” Cosby (1928-2002) was a prominent American saxophonist, composer, and producer, best known for his work at the legendary Motown Records. Born in Detroit, Michigan, Cosby started playing saxophone at an early age and later honed his skills while serving in the US Army.

After joining Motown Records in 1961, Cosby became an integral part of the label’s iconic group of musicians, known as the Funk Brothers. As a saxophonist, he played on numerous classic hits, contributing to the distinctive “Motown Sound.” His work can be heard on tracks by artists such as Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, and The Supremes.

In addition to his musicianship, Cosby excelled as a composer and producer. He co-wrote and produced several songs for Stevie Wonder, including the hits “My Cherie Amour” and “I Was Made to Love Her.” Cosby also co-wrote the hit song “Someday We’ll Be Together” for Diana Ross & The Supremes, which became their final number one single on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Throughout his career, Hank Cosby played a vital role in shaping the sound of Motown Records, contributing as a saxophonist, composer, and producer. His versatile talent and dedication to music left an indelible mark on the landscape of popular music, and his legacy continues to inspire musicians and fans alike.

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