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Henri and Rachel

Happy Birthday Eli:

Today, we celebrate the birth of Israeli saxophone legend, Eli Degibri, and delve into the rich soundscape of his latest recording, “Henri and Rachel.” This album, named after his parents, serves as a shining example of Degibri’s innovative saxophone playing and his profound ability to blend personal narratives with musical expression.

Eli Degibri’s “Henri and Rachel” opens with a recording of his parents’ voices, immediately immersing listeners into a world of familial love and intimacy. The title track, featuring Degibri’s emotional saxophone melody, is skillfully supported by the team of Tom Oren on piano, Alon Near on bass, and Eviatar Slivnik on drums. This intimate tribute to love concludes with a saxophone-piano duet of the same tune, showcasing Degibri’s mastery and versatility as a saxophonist.

The album, an exploration of diverse musical landscapes, also features tracks like the melancholic “Noa” and the post-bop piece, “Gargamel.” Degibri’s tenor saxophone shines through with its rich and vibrant tone, displaying the saxophonist’s remarkable range and unique interpretation of jazz music. His soprano saxophone, intertwining with Slivnik’s cymbals on “Longin,” and the soft buildup of “Preaching to the Choir” guided by Slivnik’s hand percussion, further attest to his creative prowess and dedication to musical innovation.

Eli Degibri’s “Henri and Rachel” is more than just an album; it is a glorious tribute to familial love, an expression of personal narratives, and a testament to the limitless possibilities of saxophone music. As we celebrate Eli Degibri’s birthday today, let us honor this renowned saxophonist by immersing ourselves in his music and appreciating his invaluable contribution to the world of jazz.

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