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Jeff Coffin

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Jeff Coffin’s passion for music was evident from an early age. He began playing alto sax in fifth grade and he later honed his skills at the renowned University of North Texas, where he played in the One O’Clock Lab Band, an experience that significantly shaped his approach to music and improvisation. Coffin emerged from his academic pursuits with a profound understanding of jazz theory and an eagerness to innovate within the genre.

Jeff’s ascent in the music world was marked by his tenure with the legendary Bela Fleck and the Flecktones. His unique sound and ability to seamlessly blend genres propelled him into the spotlight, earning him widespread acclaim and three Grammy Awards. Coffin’s saxophone playing—characterized by its bold, multi-dimensional, and exploratory nature—has become his signature, distinguishing him as a true innovator in the field.

The transition to the Dave Matthews Band in 2008 marked a new chapter for Coffin, where his saxophone took on the integral role in one of the most popular bands of modern times. Coffin stepped in when DMB saxophonist LeRoi Moore was injured in an ATV accident. After Moore’s death, Jeff became a fulltime member of the band. His dynamic performances and complex arrangements have been a driving force behind the band’s evolving sound.

Beyond performance, Jeff Coffin is equally passionate about music education. He is a sought-after clinician and educator, known for sharing his profound knowledge with up-and-coming saxophonists. Coffin’s instructional books and workshops focus on extending the technical boundaries of the saxophone, emphasizing improvisation, and encouraging the development of a personal style.

An accomplished solo artist, Coffin’s discography boasts a multitude of albums that explore the depths of jazz, funk, and world music. His solo projects serve as a showcase for his experimental approach and his ability to push the saxophone to new heights.

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