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Jessy J (born Jessica Arellano on December 20, 1982) is a contemporary jazz saxophonist, composer, and vocalist known for her sultry sound and enchanting stage presence. Born in Portland, Oregon, and raised in Hemet, California, Jessy J was introduced to music at a young age. She began playing the piano at the age of four and later switched to the saxophone when she was nine years old.

Jessy J’s passion for music led her to study at the Idyllwild Arts Academy and later at the University of Southern California (USC), where she earned a degree in jazz studies. While at USC, Jessy had the opportunity to study with some of the most renowned musicians in the jazz world, including Gary Foster and Ron Stout.

Jessy J’s professional career took off when she joined the off-Broadway show “Blast!” in 2004, which allowed her to perform as both a saxophonist and an actor. After completing her run with “Blast!”, she began working as a session musician and toured with artists such as Michael BublĂ©, The Temptations, and Jessica Simpson.

In 2008, Jessy J released her debut album, “Tequila Moon,” which quickly garnered attention in the contemporary jazz world. The album’s title track reached the number one spot on the Billboard Contemporary Jazz chart and earned her the Radio & Records “Debut Artist of the Year” award. Jessy J has since released several more albums, including “True Love,” “Hot Sauce,” and “My One and Only One,” showcasing her unique blend of jazz, Latin, and R&B influences.

Jessy J’s music has been celebrated for its infectious grooves, sensuous melodies, and her ability to connect with audiences. Her performances are known for their high-energy and her vibrant personality, which shines through both her playing and her singing. In addition to her work as a solo artist, Jessy J has collaborated with a variety of musicians, including Paul Brown, Jeff Golub, and Euge Groove.

Throughout her career, Jessy J has made a significant impact on the contemporary jazz scene, inspiring countless listeners and musicians with her passion, talent, and dedication to her craft. As she continues to create music and perform, Jessy J’s star continues to rise, solidifying her place as a leading figure in the world of contemporary jazz.

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