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Judah Sealy

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Judah Sealy, is an American saxophonist from Rochester, NY. Sealy seamlessly merges the worlds of smooth jazz and R&B, creating a distinctive sound that resonates with audiences far and wide. His mastery of the saxophone, paired with an innate ability to craft memorable melodies, places him as a notable figure in the contemporary jazz scene.

Sealy studied at Roberts Wesleyan College, graduating with a degree in music in 2007. He released his first album, “The Arrival,” in 2015. “Welcome Home” in 2018, “Legacy” in 2020 and “Soar” in 2022. The song “Stylish” from the album Soar reached #1 on the Billboard Smooth Jazz charts in March 2022.

A multi-talented musician, Judah’s prowess isn’t limited to the saxophone alone; he’s adept in keyboards, which he often integrates into his compositions to produce rich, multi-layered tracks. This dual expertise provides him with a unique perspective on music creation, allowing him to delve into intricate arrangements and sophisticated compositions that set him apart in the industry. Sealy is also a producer, working with a number of smooth jazz artists including Kevin Jackson, Will Prince and Deepak Thettu.

Judah’s saxophone influences include Kirk Whalum, George Furlow, Gerald Albright and Boney James. Beyond his solo endeavors, Judah Sealy’s charisma and musicianship have made him a sought-after performer. He leads The Judah Sealy Band, a dynamic ensemble that captures audiences with their energetic performances and musical synergy. This ensemble, renowned for its live performances, showcases the depth and breadth of Judah’s musical vision, with each member contributing their unique flair to the collective sound.

Judah Sealy is a very much in-demand musician that plays in various festivals around his hometown, Western New York and beyond. In addition to being a national recording artist and bandleader, he also has a passion for Music Education as well as Music Ministry. Judah Sealy has been a music teacher since 2009 and has been active in music ministry since 2001. Currently, he is a music teacher at Rochester Prep West Charter Elementary School and also served as a music director for various churches for the last 21 years. Judah lives in Rochester NY with his daughter Raya.

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