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Kateřina Pavlíková

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Kateřina Pavlíková is a distinguished figure in the world of classical and contemporary saxophone music. Her career is marked by a blend of virtuosic performance, innovative collaborations, and a dedication to expanding the saxophone repertoire.

Born into a culture rich with musical heritage, Pavlíková’s Czech roots have profoundly influenced her artistic journey. She has emerged as a leading baritone and alto saxophonist, known for her captivating musicianship and expansive repertoire. Pavlíková’s performances often highlight the baritone saxophone’s versatility, showcasing it as a solo instrument capable of both power and subtlety.

A pivotal member of the Bohemia Saxophone Quartet since 1999, Pavlíková has contributed to the ensemble’s reputation as a premier group with a distinctive sound and balanced ensemble playing. Their performances span genres from classical to jazz, featuring both original compositions and Pavlíková’s own arrangements.

Pavlíková’s collaborative spirit shines in her work with Covert Ensemble, co-founded with American saxophonist Dave Camwell. The ensemble is celebrated for its musical virtuosity and engaging visuals, seamlessly blending classical, jazz, and pop elements. Their international consortiums have commissioned new works, enriching the saxophone’s modern repertoire.

Her solo endeavors are equally impressive, with recordings that explore the intersection of saxophone and electronics, bringing contemporary compositions to life. Pavlíková’s album “Dive” features music by Wayne Siegel, while her work with the Tilia Trio showcases her skill in arranging music by composers such as Bach, Dvořák, and Milhaud.

As an educator, Pavlíková’s impact extends beyond the stage. She imparts her knowledge and passion to students at the Conservatory in České Budějovice and the Elementary Music and Art School in Volary. Her students have achieved success in national and international competitions, testament to her effective teaching methods.

Kateřina Pavlíková’s biography reflects her status as a prominent personality in the saxophone community. Her contributions as a performer, arranger, and educator continue to shape the future of saxophone music, inspiring both peers and students alike.

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