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Kix Some Sax: Madness to Mastery

On October 5, we celebrate the birthday of legendary Ska saxophonist, Lee “Kix” Thompson.

Without a doubt, one of the most significant highlights of Thompson’s career is his association with the ska band, Madness. As a founding member, his saxophone riffs are a staple in many of the band’s iconic tracks, including hits like “Our House” and “Baggy Trousers.”

Not one to be bound by the success of a single band, Thompson formed The Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra, further cementing his status as a ska heavyweight. With this orchestra, he celebrated the roots of ska, bringing forth both classic tracks and new compositions to audiences old and new.

Thompson is not just a saxophonist. Over his career, he has demonstrated proficiency with multiple instruments, including the flute, which adds a unique touch to many of the tracks he’s involved in.

Anyone who has had the pleasure of watching Thompson perform live knows that his energy is infectious. His dynamic stage presence, combined with his incredible musical prowess, makes for unforgettable performances. Happy Birthday, Kix! 🎷🎉

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