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Lauren Sevian

Lauren Sevian, one of the leading baritone saxophonists in the contemporary music scene, has carved a niche for herself with her innovative approach to music and unique playing style. Her commitment to her craft and her impressive body of work have established her as a significant figure in the world of jazz, particularly as a pioneering female voice in a traditionally male-dominated instrument category.

Born in Manhattan, New York, and raised in the scenic Hudson Valley, Sevian’s love for music was apparent from a young age. Her formal education in music began at the tender age of twelve, when she was first introduced to the baritone saxophone, an instrument that would soon become an extension of her creativity and expression.

Sevian’s prodigious talent was recognized early when she received an award from the prestigious Downbeat Magazine for her musical prowess as a high school senior. This recognition led her to further her education at the Manhattan School of Music, where she received her Bachelor of Music degree.

Following her graduation, Sevian quickly made a name for herself in the world of jazz, performing with a multitude of renowned ensembles and artists. A significant milestone in her career was becoming a member of the Grammy-winning Mingus Big Band in 2011, where her unique voice on the baritone saxophone brought a distinctive color to the ensemble’s sound.

Apart from her prowess as a performer, Sevian is also known for her skills as a composer and educator. She is a co-leader of the LSAT (Lauren Sevian & Adam Bartczak Threedom) project, where her writing skills are prominently featured. Her debut album as a leader, “Blueprint,” was a critical success and showcased her artistry as a composer, reinforcing her place in the jazz world.

As an educator, Sevian is actively engaged in nurturing the next generation of musicians. She is an Associate Professor at Berklee College of Music and also conducts various workshops and clinics at other music schools. Her commitment to sharing her knowledge and experience has made a significant impact on the growth of young talent.

Lauren Sevian represents the modern face of the baritone saxophone, merging tradition with innovation. Her unique voice and creative approach to music continue to inspire and influence not only her contemporaries but also upcoming musicians, cementing her status as a pivotal figure in the world of jazz. She stands as a symbol of dedication, innovation, and passion, traits that are as integral to her musical journey as they are to the evolution of jazz itself.

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