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Leo P. Pellegrino

Leo “P” Pellegrino, a contemporary baritone saxophonist, well-known for his idiosyncratic performance style that seamlessly merges high-energy dance moves with accomplished saxophone playing. Born on June 3, 1991, in Pittsburgh, PA, Leo has carved out a unique niche within the music scene, captivating audiences with his flamboyant style and high-energy performances​1​.

His musical journey began in the prestigious Manhattan School of Music, where he enhanced his musical prowess as a member of the Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra​1​. However, Leo’s rise to fame was rather unconventional. His performances with the band Too Many Zooz, particularly in the subways of New York City, caught the public’s attention and propelled him to fame. The band’s vibrant and energetic performances quickly went viral, leading to a surge in popularity for their unique brand of music​1​.

Leo’s musical talent is not confined to the underground music scene. He was a featured artist on Beyoncé’s critically acclaimed album, Lemonade (2016), and even shared the stage with the superstar at the 2016 Country Music Association Awards, underlining his versatility and the widespread appeal of his music​1​.

In addition to his work with Too Many Zooz and Lucky Chops, Leo has guested with Metropole Orkest for a 2017 concert dedicated to the works of Charles Mingus, showcasing his ability to adapt to various musical styles and genres​1​.

Throughout his career, Leo Pellegrino has consistently pushed the boundaries of what is traditionally expected from a saxophonist. His energetic performances, combined with his virtuosic saxophone skills and unique style, make him a standout figure in contemporary music. Whether he’s performing in the subway or sharing the stage with international superstars, Leo “P” Pellegrino continues to redefine the role of the saxophone in modern music.

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