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Mel Collins

Mel Collins Discography

Born on September 5, 1947, in the Isle of Man, Mel Collins is a renowned British saxophonist who has made significant contributions to the realm of rock and jazz music. Known for his innovative approach and mastery of the saxophone and flute, Collins has lent his talent to some of the most influential bands and artists of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Collins’ journey into the world of music began with an interest in the piano, but it was the saxophone that truly sparked his passion. Throughout his career, he showcased a rare ability to effortlessly switch between saxophone and flute, displaying a deep understanding and virtuosity of both instruments.

Mel Collins’ career took flight as a member of the progressive rock band, King Crimson. His innovative saxophone play significantly contributed to the band’s unique sound. His time with King Crimson helped establish Collins as one of the premier saxophonists in the rock scene, known for his ability to infuse complex jazz elements into rock music.

Beyond King Crimson, Collins’ exceptional skill has seen him work with some of the most notable names in music. He has collaborated with artists such as The Rolling Stones, Roger Waters, and Eric Clapton. These collaborations highlight Collins’ versatile style, as he seamlessly blended into various musical genres while adding a distinctive touch with his saxophone play.

As a session musician, Collins has contributed to countless albums, bringing his unique flair and creativity to a wide array of projects. His ability to enrich music with his saxophone and flute playing has made him a sought-after collaborator in the music industry.

Outside of performing, Mel Collins has shared his knowledge and experience with the broader music community. His masterclasses have inspired and nurtured countless aspiring musicians, solidifying his place not just as a performer, but also as an educator.

Last updated 7/16/2023.