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Michael Lington

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Michael Lington is a Danish-American saxophonist, known for his contemporary jazz style. He was born in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1969 and was introduced to music by his mother who played the piano.

Lington moved to the United States in the early 1990s to pursue a career in music, and quickly established himself as a rising talent on the saxophone. He began playing with a variety of artists and groups, including Randy Crawford, Bobby Caldwell, and Michael Bolton, among others.

In 1997, Lington released his debut album, “Vivid”, which received critical acclaim and launched his solo career. He has since released over 10 solo albums, and has collaborated with a wide range of musicians and vocalists.

Lington is also known for his innovative use of saxophone technology, and has worked with companies such as Yamaha and Oleg to develop custom mouthpieces and ligatures. He is also an advocate for the use of environmentally-friendly reeds, and has partnered with Vandoren to promote sustainable reed production.

In addition to his work as a performer and recording artist, Lington is also a philanthropist and supporter of music education. He founded the Michael Lington Foundation, which provides music education and instruments to children in need, and has also served as a mentor to young musicians through various programs and initiatives.

Today, Lington continues to be a prominent figure in the contemporary jazz scene, and his music continues to be celebrated by fans and critics alike. He remains an active performer and recording artist, and his innovative approach to saxophone playing and technology has inspired a new generation of musicians.

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