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Pat Register

Pat Register, is a versatile saxophonist, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist. Hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, Register has earned his place in the music industry through tireless dedication and a unique, soulful sound that resonates with audiences around the globe.

Register’s journey into music began at the tender age of fourteen in Louisville, Kentucky. His early professional career was steeped in Jazz and R&B, genres that would come to shape his unique style. Over time, Register found his way to Memphis, where he has since performed with music legends such as Al Green, Issac Hayes, Mavis Staples, the Barkays, David Porter, the Memphis Horns, and Kirk Whalum. His dynamic performances and seasoned expertise make every event a memorable experience for listeners.

Over the course of his illustrious career, Register has collected hundreds of album credits as both a saxophonist and a commercial vocalist. His music has topped the jazz radio charts in Memphis and has been featured in several albums, contributing to his global recognition. Currently, his contemporary jazz group, The Justus Brothers, have their debut album playing on Sirius XM’s “Watercolors” station and over 100 stations worldwide.

Register’s contributions to various albums underscore his remarkable range as a musician. In 2019, he was a group member, composer, and played multiple instruments on The Justus Brothers’ self-titled album. His skills extend beyond the saxophone, as seen in the 2014 “Memphis Project” by Dual Drive, where he was the arranger, associate producer, and played the flute along with the saxophone. In his 2009 album “Soul Groove,” Register took on the roles of primary artist, producer, arranger, and percussionist in addition to his saxophone performances. He also contributed to albums such as “Bunk 51” by Danny Cosby in 2017, “Road Trip” by Garry Goin in 2013, and “Sleight of Hand” by Voodoo Village in 2008.

Register’s work also includes production and composition, as seen in the tracks “Roll Up” and “Higher Than Most” by The Lonelystoners. He has a knack for crafting musical pieces that captivate audiences, whether he is in the spotlight or behind the scenes.

Pat Register’s versatile talent and heartfelt performances have solidified his status as a prominent figure in jazz. His wide-ranging musical abilities, coupled with his passion for the genre, continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of jazz music. His story serves as an inspiration for budding musicians, proving that with dedication and passion, one can leave a lasting impact on the music industry.

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