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Peter Ponzol

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Peter Ponzol, a name that resonates with the saxophone, has been a globally recognized jazz and studio player for over three decades. His musical journey has taken him around the world, performing in numerous countries and leaving a lasting impact on the saxophone world.

Born and raised in the Philadelphia area, Ponzol’s career took off in the 70s when he moved to New York City. Here, he became an active jazz and studio player, contributing significantly to the city’s vibrant music scene. His first solo album, “Prism,” was recorded in 1977 after receiving a National Endowment for the Arts Jazz Performance Grant. This achievement propelled him onto the international stage, leading to performances in Europe.

In 1980, Ponzol was invited to Germany by the prestigious German Academic Exchange Service. He moved to Germany in 1981 and stayed there until 1993. During his time in Germany, Ponzol was a frequent guest with the Radio Frankfurt Jazz Ensemble and performed at many European Jazz clubs and festivals.

Throughout his career, Ponzol has collaborated with a host of renowned musicians, including Monty Alexander, Ira Sullivan, Paul Chambers, Jimmy Cobb, Elvin Jones, Doug Carn, Pharoah Sanders, Paul Bley, John Taylor, Art Resnick, Richie Havens, Airto, Ken Werner, Jeff Baxter, and Larry Young.

Not just a player, Ponzol has also made significant contributions to saxophone design. He has worked as a consultant and designer for some of the world’s oldest and most respected saxophone companies in Germany and France. His experience and needs as a player form the basis of the design philosophy for Ponzol products. His high-end saxophone mouthpieces and saxophone designs for Buffet Crampon, Keilwerth, and Antigua are highly sought after by saxophonists worldwide.

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