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Remembering Rusty Bryant

Rusty Bryant Tenor Sax

Rusty Bryant, passed away on March 25, 1991. Bryant had a long and illustrious career, playing with some of the biggest names in jazz and R&B.

One of Bryant’s earliest collaborations was with Hank Ballard and the Midnighters. Bryant played on several of their hit records, including “Work With Me, Annie” and “Annie Had a Baby.” He also played with Ray Charles, playing saxophone on Charles’ hit song “What’d I Say.” Bryant’s soulful sound was a perfect fit for the R&B and soul music of the era.

Bryant was also a member of the Ohio Players in the 1960s, playing saxophone on their early recordings. He later worked with jazz guitarist Grant Green, appearing on several of his albums including “Iron City” and “Live at the Lighthouse.” Bryant’s bluesy sound was a perfect complement to Green’s jazz guitar playing.

In the 1970s, Bryant began recording for the Prestige Records label. He released several albums, including “Wildfire” and “Rusty Rides Again.” On these recordings, Bryant’s saxophone playing was front and center, and he showcased his unique blend of blues, soul, and jazz.

Bryant’s final album, “Until It’s Time For You To Go,” was released posthumously in 1993. The album features Bryant playing saxophone on several tracks, including the title track and “I Wish You Love.” His soulful sound and impeccable technique are on full display throughout the album.

Here’s a link to Rusty’s last album:

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