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Retro Revival

Retro Revival saxophone mouthpieces are a modern tribute to the classic mouthpieces of the past, offering saxophonists the cherished vintage sound coupled with contemporary reliability and precision. The founders, Joel Peskin and Bob Sheppard, are both accomplished saxophonists with a deep appreciation for the iconic mouthpieces that defined the sounds of jazz and other genres in the 20th century. With Retro Revival, they have meticulously recreated these legendary mouthpieces, utilizing modern technology and materials to ensure consistency, durability, and optimal performance. Each Retro Revival mouthpiece is crafted with exceptional attention to detail, providing players with a rich, vibrant tone, and the expressive freedom reminiscent of the golden era of saxophone music.

Retro Revival mouthpieces have been embraced by a host of professional saxophonists who seek the timeless sound and feel of vintage mouthpieces, paired with the reliability of modern manufacturing. Notable artists who have used Retro Revival mouthpieces include Bob Mintzer, a renowned jazz saxophonist, and Eric Marienthal, a celebrated contemporary jazz and fusion artist. These and other professional musicians appreciate the authentic sound, responsive playability, and the consistent quality that Retro Revival mouthpieces offer, making them a valued choice for artists aiming to capture the classic tones of yesteryears while enjoying the benefits of modern innovation.

Page last updated 9/24/2023.