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‘Round Midnight

Saxophonist Dexter Gordon in Round Midnight

Dexter Gordon’s Iconic Film:

The intersections between jazz and film have often resulted in fascinating collaborations and moments of artistic brilliance. One such shining example is the legendary tenor saxophonist Dexter Gordon’s performance in Bertrand Tavernier’s ‘Round Midnight (1986). In this compelling fusion of cinema and music, Gordon’s on-screen role, combined with Herbie Hancock’s evocative soundtrack, resulted in an iconic portrayal, rich with authenticity and depth.

In ‘Round Midnight, Gordon plays the lead role of Dale Turner, a fictional character loosely based on the lives of real-life jazz musicians Bud Powell and Lester Young. The narrative finds Turner in the twilight of his career, battling personal demons and fighting for relevance in the fast-evolving world of jazz. It’s a tale of resilience, redemption, and the inexorable pull of music, told through the lens of a jazz musician navigating the seedy underbelly of 1950s Paris.

Dexter Gordon’s casting was inspired. Not only was he a masterful musician, but he was also intimately familiar with the jazz world being portrayed. His own life was steeped in the same themes – struggles with addiction, navigating the often chaotic life of a touring musician, and striving for artistic excellence in the face of personal adversity. This inherent understanding and lived experience allowed Gordon to deliver a performance that was extraordinarily convincing.

On-screen, Gordon was a revelation. His acting felt natural, evocative, and nuanced. His performance was lauded by critics, earning him an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor. He was the first jazz musician to receive this honor, cementing his legacy not only in the world of music but also in the annals of film history.

Yet, despite his stellar acting, it was when his character played the saxophone that Gordon truly shone. His musical performances in the film are breathtaking – displaying a deep, guttural, and emotional understanding of jazz. The audience wasn’t just watching an actor pretending to play music; they were witnessing a master pouring his heart out through his instrument.

Bertrand Tavernier reportedly allowed Gordon to lead during the musical scenes, resulting in sequences that captured the spontaneous and improvisational nature of jazz. The soundtrack, for which Gordon performed, is considered a classic, filled with moody, soulful, and memorable moments that underscore the film’s narrative beautifully.

In ‘Round Midnight, Dexter Gordon brought to life a character that embodied the essence of a generation of jazz musicians. His intimate portrayal of Dale Turner and his exquisite musical performances offer a poignant homage to the spirit of jazz. It’s a film that shows the struggles, the artistry, and the heart of the music and the musicians who dedicate their lives to it.

Through his participation in ‘Round Midnight, Dexter Gordon created an enduring legacy, further solidifying his status as a jazz legend. He didn’t just play a character; he breathed life into the music and the narrative, creating a cinematic experience as hauntingly beautiful as a well-crafted jazz solo.

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