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Some R&B Corn Bread

Hal Singer, affectionately known as “Corn Bread” due to his immensely popular R&B hit of the same name in 1948, has been a monumental figure in the jazz scene. Born on October 8, Singer’s tenor saxophone prowess made him a notable figure in both the R&B and jazz realms.

His ability to effortlessly transition between genres spoke volumes of his versatility. Beyond the United States, Singer’s influence was felt profoundly in Europe, especially after he relocated to Paris in the late 1960s. This move enabled collaborations with numerous European jazz artists, helping to shape and influence the European jazz milieu.

Throughout his illustrious career, Singer played alongside jazz greats like Duke Ellington, Earl Hines, and Coleman Hawkins. His robust, warm tenor tones and ability to craft emotive, melodic solos not only set him apart but influenced a generation of saxophonists.

Happy Birthday Hal!

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