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Syos saxophone mouthpieces, standing for Shape Your Own Sound, are a modern innovation in the world of saxophone accessories, offering a unique approach to mouthpiece design and customization. Founded in 2016 in France by Pauline Eveno and Maxime Carron, Syos emerged from research in acoustics and fluid mechanics, aiming to revolutionize the way musicians choose and use their mouthpieces. Syos allows saxophonists to customize their mouthpieces by selecting various parameters, including the material, tip opening, chamber size, and more, ensuring that each musician gets a mouthpiece tailored to their specific needs and preferences. The company’s use of 3D printing technology enables precise manufacturing and a wide range of customization options, providing players with mouthpieces that enhance their performance and expression.

Several professional saxophonists have turned to Syos for their mouthpiece needs, attracted by the brand’s innovative approach and the opportunity to have a mouthpiece custom-made to their specifications. Notable artists who use Syos mouthpieces include Chad Lefkowitz-Brown, a prominent jazz saxophonist, and Godwin Louis, a celebrated artist known for his unique sound and expressive playing. These and other musicians appreciate the flexibility, control, and personalized sound offered by Syos mouthpieces, making them a popular choice for artists seeking to optimize their sound and technical capabilities. The Syos brand continues to make a significant impact in the world of saxophone music, offering a fresh, modern approach to mouthpiece design and customization.

Page last updated 9/24/2023.