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Alto Sax

The Alto Saxophone

Harold McNair in Europe

Harold McNair, a Jamaican-born saxophonist and flautist, left an indelible mark on the European jazz scene, particularly during his time in London. McNair’s journey to Europe in the 1960s was a pivotal moment in his… Read More »Harold McNair in Europe

Phil Woods & Quincy Jones

The collaboration between alto saxophonist Phil Woods and the iconic producer, composer, and arranger Quincy Jones is a significant chapter in the annals of jazz history. For professional saxophonists, this partnership provides an exemplary case… Read More »Phil Woods & Quincy Jones

Ernie Watts: No Compromise

In the expansive world of saxophonists, few have managed to strike a balance between pure jazz artistry and commercial success like Ernie Watts. With a career spanning decades, Watts has showcased his remarkable talent in… Read More »Ernie Watts: No Compromise


When it comes to the world of jazz saxophonists, Lee Konitz holds a special place. With a career that spanned over seven decades, Konitz’s innovative approach to the alto saxophone has left an indelible mark… Read More »GracefulLee

The Rise of Kenny Garrett

On October 9th, we celebrate the birthday of legendary jazz saxophonist Kenny Garrett. Garrett is known for his passionate playing, his innovative compositions, and his collaborations with some of the biggest names in jazz history.… Read More »The Rise of Kenny Garrett