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The Saxtress: Pamela Williams

In the world of contemporary saxophone, few debut albums have made as significant an impact as Pamela Williams‘ “The Saxtress,” released in 1996. As we look back on this groundbreaking recording, it’s clear why Pamela has become a revered name among saxophonists and jazz enthusiasts alike.

“The Saxtress” is a masterclass in smooth jazz and R&B fusion. From the very first track, Pamela’s distinctive style – a blend of soulful expressiveness and technical finesse – commands attention. Her ability to convey deep emotion through her instrument set a new standard in the genre.

Named the “Top New Female Contemporary Jazz Artist” of 1996, Pamela’s Saxtress spent over 5 months on the Billboard charts. She was also the darling of Smooth Jazz radio, and Urban AC stations embraced the hit single Secret Garden (featuring Patti LaBelle and Teena Marie) and didn’t let go!

Happy Birthday Pamela!

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