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Theo Wanne

Theo Wanne saxophone mouthpieces stand out as some of the most innovative and high-quality mouthpieces in the world. Theo Wanne, the founder, is a globally recognized expert on woodwind mouthpieces, and his passion for creating exceptional mouthpieces has led to numerous patents and revolutionary designs. The company, established in the early 2000s, is dedicated to producing mouthpieces that offer superior tone, control, and flexibility, allowing saxophonists to achieve their ideal sound with ease and precision. Utilizing advanced technology, unique design principles, and premium materials, Theo Wanne mouthpieces are crafted to meet the highest standards of performance and reliability, making them a preferred choice for discerning saxophonists worldwide.

Numerous professional saxophonists across various genres have embraced Theo Wanne mouthpieces for their unparalleled quality and the expressive possibilities they offer. Renowned artists such as Jeff Coffin, a multi-instrumentalist with the Dave Matthews Band, and Mindi Abair, a two-time Grammy-nominated saxophonist, are known to use Theo Wanne mouthpieces. These and other top musicians value the precision engineering, consistent performance, and the wide range of tonal colors achievable with Theo Wanne products, contributing to the brand’s esteemed reputation in the global saxophone community. The company continues to push the boundaries of mouthpiece design, helping artists realize their musical vision with exceptional clarity and expression.

Page last updated 9/24/2023.